2024 Annual Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament

2024 Annual SouthSide Cares Golf Tournament AH Blank golf course 9/14/2024 hole sponsorship is $150 Share the Post: Related Posts Join Our Newsletter

2023 Annual SouthSide Cares Golf Tournament

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Join us on Saturday, September 16th, 2023 for a fun-filled golf tournament! Register at 8 am, tee off at 9 am. Don’t miss out on the $75 per person cost and $150 sponsorship opportunity. Stick around for a delicious luncheon at Eagles, catered by Smokey D’s.

Paula Tutor Benefit July 15th

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SouthSide Cares is organizing a benefit event on Saturday July 15th to raise money for Paula Tutor, a Des Moines resident who has been battling cancer for the past two years. The event will be held at the Eagle’s Lodge in Des Moines, Iowa. SouthSide Cares is a community-based organization that aims to bring together individuals and businesses in the Southside of Des Moines to support local causes and individuals in need. This event is a great opportunity for the community to come together and show their support for Paula Tutor and her fight against cancer.

Benefit for Tyson Vasquez

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Tyson is currently a freshman in High School. He was diagnosed with a rare disease called PANS i.e. Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome. Symptoms include OCD, depression, severe anxiety, suicidal idealation, paranoia and auditory hallucinations. Treatment for this includes IVIG intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy. Cost of this treatment is $12,771 per treatement and Ty may need 6-10 treatments. It is currently being denied coverage by insurance. Please help raise funds so we dont lose our lovable, kind and caring Ty. PANS IS RARE BUT IN THIS FAMILY IT IS REAL!

Benefit for Cami Spooner – Saturday, July 16th, 2022 at Eagles

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Cami was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 13th, 2021. She endured many chemo treatments and finished her last one on March 28th, 2022. She underwent a double mastectomy in April 2022. This is just one of many surgeries she will have to endure. She is unable to work at this time. This benefit will assist with her living expenses as well as medical bills while she is out of work.