SouthSide Cares

Making a difference one benefit at a time! 

Our founders

Juan Gomez Jr


our officers

Dave "Spanky" Crippen

Bryan Davey
Vice President

Foundation History

mission & vision

SouthSide Cares exists by the grace of God to benefit and inspire everyone it touches. Our organization is simple, solid and timeless...making a difference in the community through helping individuals and families facing hardships and emergencies by coordinating community fundraisers, auctions and raffles.


More than 40 individuals volunteer their time as members of SouthSide Cares. Find out how to become a member.

Terri Burnett

2007 - A group of south side, Des Moines, IA residents formed to help those families afflicted by cancer and other chronic medical issues.

2008 - SouthSide Cares, LTD. became a nonprofit

2016 - SouthSide Cares has grown quickly the last few years. Over 15 benefits have been held helping families through their difficult times.  

SouthSide Cares started out with a bunch of friends at Smokey's Bar hearing about those in need in 2007. It started with small auctions and raffles and by word of mouth. It grew really fast. With so many requests, SouthSide Cares became a nonprofit in 2008. SouthSide Cares started with maybe a dozen active members and has now grown to over 40 members. 

Amy Walker

what's happening

Extra Innings is having a hog roast, Sunday, August 28th to benefit SouthSide Cares. Opens at 1 p.m. Food at 3 p.m. and live music at 5 p.m.

​1500 SE 1st St., Des Moines, IA

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